Excerpts from an interview with leehoward- mastermind behind the global sounds of the Musical Universe, with Stacey Giles:

"So, tell me about the new album";

“Children of the Universe”

the new album from leehoward  ( street Date: Spring 2015)

Yes, we’ve been working on pre production for  a year now - then we ended up returning  to Prairie Sun Recording Studios  in Cotati, ( where I had recorded the UswethemtheY Album in 1994) and blasted out 6 tracks in 12 hours. This group of songs hearkens back to my love of powerful and innovative music; including the Clash, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Rick Danko with the Band,  Sting's works; Duane Eddy, Joni Mitchell, Jeff Beck, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, Weather Report, Genesis, Yes, Dave Clark Five, anything Peter Gabriel, Tom Petty, James Brown, T-Bone Burnett's work, Talking Heads, Prince,The Wrecking Crew, Ray Charles, The Stones, U2, Elvis Costello,Brian Eno, the Police, Bruce Springsteen- great bands/artists with something to say- connected to their past, their great lineage through all of rock and popular music - this idea of presenting the power of the music in a fresh, intelligent,
instructive and sexy way. We’re not there for us- we’re there for you.
The songs on this album are about  “the other”:  caring for the other, listening, learning from the other- be it your friend, father/mother, wife, co-worker, lover. We gotta get past our narcissm, reflect on the larger world, and how interconnected we all are.

on our live shows:
we’re not an oldies show-

we’re paying tribute to great songs.
Our music is a fun ride through 50 years of great melodies much of it instrumental- we dont mind if you talk, dance, sing along, space out and dream, kiss or just listen intently to four musicians making music;
 its all good!

There are three rules we follow;

1. nothing too ‘jazzy’,

2. no sad, tired- overdone songs,

3.keep it in tune, fresh and interesting- pay attention to the Groove!

This music we play and create takes me back to  the energy of those songs -about youth, rebellion, freedom, the power of rock music. Ya, know, I turned my back on rock music in the nineties- diving headfirst into Latin Music; especially Flamenco; studying with a maestro in Sebastopol for 13 years; culminating in  my work with David Correa and Cascada,(2007-2012) as bassist for 5 years in his spanish guitar music. Of course, that's after being in music, creating music, producing music for over 30 years! I didn't just fall off the turnip truck! After leaving that band, I had the opportunity of learning and playing music from all over the planet- Brazilian Music, Cuban Music, rocking rock melody  instrumentals- a little bit of classic jazz- its all about melodies and rhythm in this project for us- we don’t mind going from a classic Count Basie tune to a Brazilian classic melding into rockin versions of our 2015 new sounds!

"Who’s playing with you on this album, these shows?"
Joe Livoti- Joe brings an encyclopedic guitar mind to this project- he reminds me of duanneeddyjimmypagemarkknopflerandchetatkins all rolled into one- wow- makes for some great soloing. It also allows us to take on music from brazilian classics to Led Zeppelin

to my globalized originals.

John Waller is a drummer’s drummer- from straight ahead jazz to rock to brazilian to african music to his specialty- Arabic rhythms, John is in a class all by himself- we make a very musical rhythm  section-
Sax player -

Kevin Galloway, in my opinion one of the best Sax Players in the Bay Area- love his tone - the sensitive growl in his playing- somewhere between Stan Getz and Bobby Keys- it just works for what we're doing. Kevin and  I met playing in the great afrobeat beat band  Critical Town ( a slashing world political dance band)  back in ’86 in Chico- we burned up many many stages in those days-  reconnecting on Facebook in 2013 ; started playing together again, and the rest is history.

This group of players is rich in diversity and experience- I learn alot from them, we have many moods and colors and grooves to choose from - our set is a deep rich motherlode of songs, influences and tributes to great artists from over 50 years of popular music.

We toyed with being a tribute band, but then realized there were too many great songs out there; too many great songs we want to try playing together. we’re slowly building out our setlist.
This new album; “Children of the Universe” is our sound, our own global sound- stripped away- we all played live together in the studio and bashed it out in an evening...then we cull through the tracks and find the genius of the songs. Its rich, and cant wait for the world to hear it.


Come see us sometime, and you’ll see what I mean.



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